We are a collective of digital artists who create award-winning animation for Advertising, Commercials, Character Animation. We Make The Impossible Real.

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Partner with Incredible Animations to receive a 20% commission on every order you place for our services on behalf of your clients.

Your clients view you as their trusted advisor and may request guidance on their business formations. Thousands of attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, tax advisors, bankers, and other professionals who advise small business owners choose to resell our services.

Incredible Animations will complete the necessary paperwork, communicate with you, and keep you up-to-date on the transaction status while you remain the main point of contact for your clients.

Reseller program benefits:

As a Reseller, we work with you to support your clients. Incredible Animations will not contact your clients directly without your permission. Our Reseller Program allows you to:

Enhance service offerings: Partnering with us provides you with the ability to offer timely and cost-effective service.
Set your own margin: Your commission is applied at the time of order placement so you are aware of your costs immediately and can determine the amount to charge your client.
Focus on running your business: With the support of an industry leader, focus on running your business and allow our knowledgeable team to answer any questions on our services, the status of your orders, or specific questions relating to requirements.

How it works

Apply to the Incredible Animations Reseller Program via email or WhatsApp. It takes less than one minute.

You’ll be notified by email or WhatsApp of your acceptance within 1-2 business days.

Upon acceptance into the Reseller Program, you will receive a unique Partner Code. That unique identifier will ensure that your commissions are applied.

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