Finding a Video Production Partner

It’s A Creative Endeavor

The best athletes will tell you that peak performance begins in the mind, where they visualize what success looks like before they move a muscle. This isn’t just true for athletics. It’s true in business, and in art, and in digital video marketing… where business and art intersect. In fact, finding the right video production partner is an art in and of itself.

But video production is a creative endeavor. Being able to picture your ideal video is only the beginning of the process. You need to find the right creative to help make it real. This is an intimidating prospect because there are infinite factors and dependencies that will make or break your video’s execution.

Different creatives have different aptitudes, varying levels of experience, and disparate specialties. If you mapped every consideration and compromise that goes into this decision, it will stretch to the horizon. But with any problem whose possibility space is this wide, you need to narrow things down by identifying your constraints.

That’s the purpose of this article: to make your search for a creative easier by helping you identify your priorities, and understand how they impact where you should look (and what you should look for).

There’s a concept in Project Management called “The Project Management Triangle”, or “The Triple Constraint”. It states that there are three major variables in a project: Time, Cost, and Scope. How long will the project take? What is the cost? How big will it be, or how good will it be?

You can only prioritize two of the three at a time. If you need something really good done really fast, you can expect to pay a lot. That same budget on a more lax timeline will yield you a nicer looking finished product. And so on. When you choose two things to emphasize, the third will suffer.

Having clearly defined priorities will help you set the scope of your search for a video production partner, and ease your analysis paralysis. So let’s take a look at each of those constraints and see how they impact your search.

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Cost: Knowing how much you can spend determines where you shop, and narrows your field of candidates by establishing a ceiling for your resources. Don’t get it twisted: budget limitations aren’t inherently bad. More money can lead to a better looking project, but less money spent more wisely will yield a better video than more money spent poorly.
Setting a realistic budget and communicating it clearly in your pre-engagement materials will help you find creatives who know how to work (and thrive) in that constraint. They will cater the process and the product to your needs. If budget is your primary limitation, focus your search on a video production partner in your price range.
Time: Sometimes your video can come out whenever. In our experience, those times are very rare. Most often your video will need to be done in time for a product launch or a trade show. Business won’t stop to wait for your video.
If you have a lot of budget, you can pay for a rush. If you don’t, you will need to sacrifice some scope (either length of video, visual intricacy, or number of revisions). Knowing your deadline will narrow your search by filtering out creatives whose production timelines are too long, or creatives whose production capacity won’t be free for a while. If you need a video yesterday, focus your search on nimble studios with short timelines and no wait lists.
Scope: In video production, Scope is complicated. It can entail your video’s visual style, visual quality, or its length. A video with a large scope might also have more people working on it, or have more revisions or check-ins built into the process. Different creatives will specialize in different video scopes, but all of these aspects are sensitive to budget and deadline.
When you’re searching for a video production partner and you’re sensitive to scope, be clear about your expectations on length and visual style and medium (is this animated? live action? 3D? mixed?). Look for creatives whose prior work resembles the finished product you’ve pictured in your head. Look for creatives with teams and processes that match your needs.
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A-to-Z Capabilities

All of the above assumes you are looking for a video production partner who will take care of your project from beginning to end. We highly recommend working with an A-to-Z creative. You can lose time and money if you’re carting unfinished pieces around between teams. An A-to-Z creative leaves no gaps for your video to slip through.

The through line between all of the examples above is simple. You need to understand your needs and priorities to know where to begin your search for a creative. Once you’ve begun your search and start engaging with creatives for bids, it’s imperative that you communicate your priorities clearly so you can filter down to the most appropriate creative who will best meet your demands. The peril of being unclear with potential creatives about your needs and priorities is clear: you’ll end up with a bad match who won’t deliver an appropriate video in the right amount of time or at the right budget.

Fortunately, Video Brewery’s search, bidding, and engagement processes are designed to simplify this communication. The platform lets you declare your budget and style needs upfront, making the right creatives find you instead of the other way around. Here is a brief video that explains our process.

Even if you decide to look elsewhere for a video production partner, understanding your constraints and knowing how to talk about them will make your search much easier. And your search will get easier still if you find a great creative you want to work with over and over again.

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